You might be wondering what HTML language is well i’m here to answer that and some other questions

HTML as you know is a language that is used for web design/programming, HTML means “Hypertext markup language” and what it does is it tells the browser what to show on the screen or in other words it takes all the markup and turns it into a text.

HTML is a product of SGML(Standard Generalized Markup Language), SGML is a more complex and complicated than HTML and is used for electronic document exchange, document management, and document publishing, HTML was originally made to make it easier for people that aren’t specialized in SGML to share documents and to make sharing links easier. However it was quickly realized that HTML is really easy to learn  and others started to use it

As far as we know there have only been 5 different official/full HTML releases there have been multiple others in between but most of them are just small changes and fixes. Now you are probably asking what changed between all the different versions of HTML well nothing really all that happened was new features being added into the coding language.

The guy who made HTML was Tim Berners-Lee he invented it in the early 1990’s.

A normal HTML code starts with the <!DOCTYPE html> command and this command tell the browser what type of code its going to read or is going to be written there, then we have the<html></html> and <head></head> command the later one with the / is saying that there is no more head to be written after that so it just closes the command the html tags say that basically everything inside the html tags will be written in html. Head command is used for the <title></title> tags and other info that only the creator wants to see or like the title that names what the website is, after those tags are done we put up the <body></body> tags and they will have all the text that will be shown on the website all of the headings (<h1><h2> etc.) the paragraph (<p>) ordered list or unorederd list (<ol> and <ul>) and the listed items inside the list (<li>) all of that can be enhanced by css but css isn’t a part of HTML code its a styling code that connects to html and makes it look more nice or even fancy if you know how to use it.