Have you ever thought of what makes a good web design? no? yes? Well i’m about to go into a few things about what makes a web design good.

nr.1-Simple makes things great

Putting too many things isn’t always the best thing to do some people don’t have the patience to go through a row of links written with smaller letters or pictures so its easier to keep them big and limited so people don’t have to read one thing 10 times over so just keep them a little limited


nr.2-Have a good system to go around the website

This is a crucial point in web design its really important to have this in mind when making a website. I cant count how many times I have gotten frustrated over the fact how hard it was to navigate on a website


nr.3-Make it look good for the eye

Make a good impression on a person that is visiting your website for the first time. If the site is for children make sure to have more colors in there or if the site is for adults make sure that everything isn’t in the same color.


nr.4-Make every section of your site pretty much the same

Its a good thing to have pretty much the same thing on every section so the customer/visitor doesn’t have to learn how each and every section works.


nr.5-Make sure everything works fast and well

If the site loads too slow people will lose its patience and leave it make sure it works well and fast so make the code smaller not only will it make your life better but the customers/visitors too.


nr.6-Make the website for multiple browsers

This on is probably the most important and obvious point in the whole list. There are so many sites that are designed for only one specific browser and so far I haven’t had this problem but it can happen so make sure it works on every single browser


Now days its really common to see a badly designed site but most of them follow at least 3 or 4 of those rules and that is good it means that people are slowly learning how to make a good site.


all the information here was taken from: http://sharpened.com/web_design_rules