So today I was looking at the design of some sites there is a few good ones but there is always that bad part to everything this is a example of a good web design for me it looks nice and is pretty simple to go around. This is another good example for a really neat looking design it looks freaking amazing isn’t that complicated and in general is a really good idea for a car website.The last one I took a look at was this, this is a great idea to show others how the life in Africa is well too bad its in French but this is a great idea having a 360° vision in general it looks simple and great at the same time.

Then again we have some shitty design something like this, its not nice to look at and it just sucks in general there are too many options to choose and the lettering is waaay too small. this and this is a good example for a really bad web design, both of them have really bad coloring and they really hurt my eyes and all the sptions are…well simply put it as a really bad design and it hurts watching them. They are all filled with test that isnt even easy to read so there is that The coloring is really bold and just looks plain.