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Basics of web design

Have you ever thought of what makes a good web design? no? yes? Well i’m about to go into a few things about what makes a web design good.

nr.1-Simple makes things great

Putting too many things isn’t always the best thing to do some people don’t have the patience to go through a row of links written with smaller letters or pictures so its easier to keep them big and limited so people don’t have to read one thing 10 times over so just keep them a little limited


nr.2-Have a good system to go around the website

This is a crucial point in web design its really important to have this in mind when making a website. I cant count how many times I have gotten frustrated over the fact how hard it was to navigate on a website


nr.3-Make it look good for the eye

Make a good impression on a person that is visiting your website for the first time. If the site is for children make sure to have more colors in there or if the site is for adults make sure that everything isn’t in the same color.


nr.4-Make every section of your site pretty much the same

Its a good thing to have pretty much the same thing on every section so the customer/visitor doesn’t have to learn how each and every section works.


nr.5-Make sure everything works fast and well

If the site loads too slow people will lose its patience and leave it make sure it works well and fast so make the code smaller not only will it make your life better but the customers/visitors too.


nr.6-Make the website for multiple browsers

This on is probably the most important and obvious point in the whole list. There are so many sites that are designed for only one specific browser and so far I haven’t had this problem but it can happen so make sure it works on every single browser


Now days its really common to see a badly designed site but most of them follow at least 3 or 4 of those rules and that is good it means that people are slowly learning how to make a good site.


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Hello fellow human

My name is Tomasz and i’m 16 years old. I originally come from Poland but now I have been in Iceland for about 8 years. I’ve been a fan of programming for a while now always dreaming about making my own websites and/or make my own games. I really hope to learn the basics of web programming and design my own website for no real purpose I just want to make one to be able to see how it is making one from scratch.

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HTML stuff

You might be wondering what HTML language is well i’m here to answer that and some other questions

HTML as you know is a language that is used for web design/programming, HTML means “Hypertext markup language” and what it does is it tells the browser what to show on the screen or in other words it takes all the markup and turns it into a text.

HTML is a product of SGML(Standard Generalized Markup Language), SGML is a more complex and complicated than HTML and is used for electronic document exchange, document management, and document publishing, HTML was originally made to make it easier for people that aren’t specialized in SGML to share documents and to make sharing links easier. However it was quickly realized that HTML is really easy to learn  and others started to use it

As far as we know there have only been 5 different official/full HTML releases there have been multiple others in between but most of them are just small changes and fixes. Now you are probably asking what changed between all the different versions of HTML well nothing really all that happened was new features being added into the coding language.

The guy who made HTML was Tim Berners-Lee he invented it in the early 1990’s.

A normal HTML code starts with the <!DOCTYPE html> command and this command tell the browser what type of code its going to read or is going to be written there, then we have the<html></html> and <head></head> command the later one with the / is saying that there is no more head to be written after that so it just closes the command the html tags say that basically everything inside the html tags will be written in html. Head command is used for the <title></title> tags and other info that only the creator wants to see or like the title that names what the website is, after those tags are done we put up the <body></body> tags and they will have all the text that will be shown on the website all of the headings (<h1><h2> etc.) the paragraph (<p>) ordered list or unorederd list (<ol> and <ul>) and the listed items inside the list (<li>) all of that can be enhanced by css but css isn’t a part of HTML code its a styling code that connects to html and makes it look more nice or even fancy if you know how to use it.

Is CC(creative commons) needed?

There is always this one question going around and i’m going to speak what I think about this situation, As you know C stands for Copyright or All Rights reserved and its really confusing to see if you can use the work yourself or not. Technically if all rights are reserved you are not allowed to use the work no matter what and this is were CC(creative commons) comes in, People now don’t have to have their work under the normal C if they want to share it it becomes much easier and if you ask the author/maker of the work he can give you a green light much more easier. I find this system still a little annoying and hard to understand but it’s something that needs to be here and its not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion

C(copyright) or CC(creative commons)

So today I will talk about creative commons and copyright both of them are really different from each other and its really easy to confuse them. Creative Commons is a license that people put on their work to make it easier to share the content. Its not two separate things Creative commons are mostly put on already Copyrighted.

Because Copyright is a magical thing a big part of what you made is already copyrighted, Copyright has some heavy duty protections so others don’t use your work  without permission and advertise it as their own.

“Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that provides licensing structures people can use to license their copyrighted work to anyone willing to abide by the licensing terms.”Source

Video with CC protection here

Website with C protection here

Icelandic sites

There are a few sites that look nice looking sites that are made in Iceland take this for a example its look gorgeous the first thing that catches my eye is the video in the middle that shows how everything needs electricity and the site itself is again really easy to navigate the flickering of the light on the buttons when you move you’r mouse over them then There is the full video of how electricity is made and how everybody uses it. And the last thing that is one of the most inportant things when doing web design is that its really easy to read.Screenshot (1).png


Web design

So today I was looking at the design of some sites there is a few good ones but there is always that bad part to everything this is a example of a good web design for me it looks nice and is pretty simple to go around. This is another good example for a really neat looking design it looks freaking amazing isn’t that complicated and in general is a really good idea for a car website.The last one I took a look at was this, this is a great idea to show others how the life in Africa is well too bad its in French but this is a great idea having a 360° vision in general it looks simple and great at the same time.

Then again we have some shitty design something like this, its not nice to look at and it just sucks in general there are too many options to choose and the lettering is waaay too small. this and this is a good example for a really bad web design, both of them have really bad coloring and they really hurt my eyes and all the sptions are…well simply put it as a really bad design and it hurts watching them. They are all filled with test that isnt even easy to read so there is that The coloring is really bold and just looks plain.



Google is a scary place

So today I decided to google my name and I was really surprised on what I found. So what happened was that the and really I have no actual idea what it is but it did get me kind of scared of how and when I got on that website. Then if you go to the images you can see a part of my old 7th grade classmates. To be completely honest I have no idea how I got there and I don’t want to know. This is one of those things I have no idea what to think about then again it didn’t find my Facebook page or anything else but that might be because I have a different url-code it’s not the same as my name because i’m using a custom one. So there you have it my experience with google try googling your own name and see what happenes.

Hate online

so I was looking at some of the most disliked videos on youtube and found this one and saw that there is a lot of hate beeing posted to this guy for using something like auto tune and beeing cringy af. I find this guy not beeing great myself but I dont go around wasting my time writing hate comments and telling him to khs (kill himself). I myself dont understand why people do this because you are telling some mean stuff to people its just a waste of time and effort in my opinion. Its been a thing for ages and probably will be for the next couple of ages or maybe forever.



So I’ve been using tumblr for a while now and I find it beeing a really good site to see some kind of pictures or conversations that are funny. There is a lot of food blogs on there too the search can be a little better and the options might be a little more visible for people but it might just have been me because i’m blind and I most often don’t find find most stuff on any website. Overall its a good site if you are either looking for cute pictures food or any other kind of pictures there is almost litearlly everything on there so I would give it a 8/10 would search again

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